KATA PICTURES will help you to find the audio-visual needs and the better way to connect with your customers. Whether you are selling a product, approaching a consumer, or wanting to grow your business in the digital world, we are ready to package it effectively. Whatever your business forms, convey your idea and let’s make it real together.

For 7 years KATA PICTURES with clients has been working on audio-visual projects to meet promotional and internal needs. Every project we do it with hard work and pride so that a good appreciation can be obtained by both our clients and ourselves. There is something that bothers us about how the video is finally used by the client. We can’t give much advice on how effective the strategy is so that the messages of the video can delivered and move its audience.

Therefore, in 2018, we want to develop ourselves not only as a production house, but also want to assist our clients in choosing effective strategies, guarding and reporting the data so that the messages of the videos made  are able to get right and be able to move the audience effectively .

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"In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible."

Seth Godin



Founder - CEO
Ibnu Angga Handaru is a graduate of the Department of Music, Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta. After being graduated in 2009, he worked at DGM Animation in 2011 as the Sound Director while running two animation series entitled “Songgorubuh” and “Kukurockyou”, both of which were screened on a national Television. He has the experience of being a producer of two short films entitled “Invitation” and “Paper Bag”. Besides short films, he also produces commercial projects for Kata Pictures.


CTO - Audio Engineer
Incorporated with KATA PICTURES in 2018 and lead Audionails, a sub-division of KATA PICTURES in the field of post-production audio and music scoring. In 2010, he established his first startup Zigyna Photography. In 2014 established Kembang Gula Digital Production House. He is also one of the founders and owners of Circle Records Store.


Joined KATA PICTURES in 2014 as part of the editing team then trusted Creative Director in 2015; has been involved as a content director in all creative and commercial projects KATA PICTURES. Fictional short film editor of "KREMI" and "Nunggu Teka" which has been screened in several cities in Indonesia and at the Melbourne Film Festival 2017.


Content Writer, Editor
Denny Yanuar joined KATA PICTURES as a director and content writer in 2016. He has the experience of working at PT. Mooiindie Communication as Producer and Director. In addition, he also worked on commercial projects, advertising, corporate service, and several documentaries in 2015. He has become a director 1 in TVC Telkomnet Instant Ramadhan version (2013)


Production Manager
Join in KATA PICTURES as part of the editor team in 2015. Furthermore, he is responsible as a Production Manager in the production process run by KATA PICTURES. He also has the experience of becoming the assistant editor of "Nunggu Teka" which screened at the Melbourne Film Festival 2017. He is now the leader of TakaRent, a sub-division of KATA PICTURES which is engaged on the audio visual rental equipment.


Account Executive
Joined in 2017 as Line Producer on several commercial projects of Kata Pictures. Programmer and Event Crew at Brawijaya Movie Exhibition (2013, 2014), Producer of short movie Amanda (2013) and 24 Hours (2014), Production Manager of short movie Kremi (2014), and has its own startup named CreamArt Event Organizer as Chief Executive.


Young Director, Junior Editor
Join in KATA PICTURES in 2017. She is the author of some creative contents of KATA PICTURES. Director and script writer of the fictional short film of "WWW" nominees of best script writer at FSS Surabaya 2015, director of fictional short film of "Sambit" screened at Malang Film Festival 2017, director of documentary film of "Great Woman" and "Princess Crown Shield" screened at Malang Film Festival 2016.


Junior Editor
Join in KATA PICTURES as editor in 2017. DOP and Editor of the fictional short film of "Gadget Fever" nominees of the Mafifest film festival, FFP Unibo, and FFPJ jogja, and placed as the third best film at the Surabaya Film Festival for student fictional short film in 2016. Documentary Short Film Editor of "Brrr !!" in 2017, Best Editor of Travel Documentary of "On Action" episode "Edukasi Kota Wisata Batu" in 2017.


Business Analyst
joined Kata Pictures in 2018 as a business analyst. Analyzing some business problems such as the needs of mushroom consumption in Malang (2016) and deviation in the fashion world far from the culture of Indonesia (2017) to be applied in developing his startup.
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